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Close To Tears

It's hard to believe it has come to this: After seven games, the Bills were 5-2 and tied for first place in the AFC East. On Sunday, they dropped their seventh straight, falling at home to rival Miami, 30-23, and falling into a last-place tie with the Dolphins in the division.

Bills fans are reeling. So are the players. Veteran Chris Kelsay, still waiting for his first playoff game in his ninth NFL season, was asked after the loss how frustrating it was to know that the Bills had gone from first to worst in a space of seven games.

"Very frustrated," Kelsay said. "I mean, you work too hard ... "

Kelsay paused, searching for words. His eyes were red and welling up with tears. You could see him choking up and fighting to hold back his emotions. He hesitated for a full 15 seconds before continuing.

"It's frustrating," he said. "You put in a lot of time. It means a lot to guys. When we started out the way we did, everybody was excited and we had a lot of confidence. Coach Gailey always preached to expect to win when you step on the field. Those first six or seven games, I think we expected to win every time we stepped on the field. I don't think we expect to win now. That's just the feeling I get. I could be wrong, but we need to get back to that."

--- Jerry Sullivan



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