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Comeback still stings Titans

Bills fans still are stung by the playoff loss to Tennessee in 1999 - "Homerun Throwback," "Immaculate Deception," "Music City Miracle" - call it what you want. But there still are some in the Titans organization with ties to the Oilers' loss to the Bills in "the Comeback Game" in January 1993.

Here's a quote from former Oilers cornerback, former Bills defensive coordinator and current Titans defensive chief Jerry Gray on the game: "A lot of good coaches got fired from here,” said Gray, referring to the aftermath of the defeat. “Nothing against (the Bills), but we had a lot of good football players. We should have won that game and we knew it. I think at that time we were probably the best team in the NFL with the talent we had, but the best team doesn’t always win.”

Here's a link to a story in today's Nashville Tennessean:

---Mark Gaughan


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