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Fitz says he's not hurt

Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick pooh-poohed any suggestion injury has been a reason for his poor production in recent weeks. Fitzpatrick took a hard shot to the ribs in the game against Washington on Oct. 30. He was on the injury report the next game, against the Jets, for a "chest" injury. He has not been on the injury report any week since or missed any practice time.

Asked how long the hit by Washington's London Flether affected him, Fitzpatrick said: "However long I showed up on the injury report. I'm good to go now, though."

Asked if he broke a rib at any point, Fitzpatrick said no.

Fitzpatrick has not been wearing any extra padding in the locker room or at practice since after the Jets game, and he has not appeared to be wearing any extra protection in games, either. Furthermore, his passes haven't shown any particular lack of zip; lack of good decision-making, at times, but not lack of zip.

---Mark Gaughan


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