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Gailey on Spiller's workload

Chan Gailey said after the Miami loss Sunday he did not want to overwork running back C.J. Spiller.

Spiller had 12 carries for 91 yards and nine catches for 76 yards.

"We’re trying not to wear the guy completely out,” said Gailey after the game. “He’s not the biggest back in the world. I don’t think he can go out there and carry it 25 or 30 times. I don’t want to put him in that position to carry it 25 to 30 times. I think we’ve got to split the carries and let Tashard have some of those packages to take some of the hits off of C.J.”

Asked to elaborate on his approach with Spiller, Gailey said today:

"He really didn’t play the whole first half, the whole two-thirds of the season. I don’t want to put 25-30 carries on him right now. At some point, he may get 25-30 carries, but if he’s going to be involved in the passing game, he’s going to touch it 15-20 times and that’s what he needs to do. We need to try to make sure he touches it in some way, shape or form 20 times a game. That’s what you hope to have from a guy like that. Again, he’s not a 215-, 220-pound back like Fred (Jackson). You can’t expect him to be one, and if all his runs are edge runs, he might can be 25 times. But if he’s going to run it up inside, which we need him to do, he’s going to take some pretty good licks and I’m not sure I want that at this point in his career. Maybe in the future, yeah, but not now."

---Mark Gaughan



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