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Kyle Williams upbeat on ankle

Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams had surgery a month ago to repair a nagging bone spur in his left ankle. He got the cast off today and was watching practice in a walking boot in the fieldhouse.

Williams was upbeat about his health and said he will be healed in six months.

"I can already tell my ankle’s more flexible than it’s been in years," Williams said.

Williams' surgery was performed by Dr. Robert Anderson, an orthopedic foot and ankle specialist in Charlotte, N.C.

"I’ve had a bone spur in my heel, under my Achilles (tendon) since college," Williams said. "It’s been there for years. Over time, it’s just gotten bigger and bigger and worse and worse. The last couple years it’s just been pretty steady in the sense of hurting. This year it just came to a head. It was eating away at my Achilles. From the way the doctor described it, it was kind of like a violin bow going across a string. It was fraying it a little bit. I had a small tear in my Achilles. He said from the way it was fraying and as jagged as the spur was, it looked like a little pick axe. He didn’t know if it was going to be one play or 10 plays but it was on the verge of rupture. If you do that from the time it ruptures you’re out a calendar year."

The fact the Achilles did not rupture made the surgery and his recovery much easier, Williams said.

"He was able to go in, take the Achilles up, clean all the spurring and everything off, put it back down," Williams said. "No issues. He said it went great. I ought to be good to go and feel as good as I’ve felt in my career … since college."

---Mark Gaughan




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