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Miami's Bell amps up talk

It's nice to see a little pre-game fire leading up to Sunday's game between 5-8 Buffalo and 4-9 Miami.

Dolphins safety Yeremiah Bell didn't back down this week from comments he made after the Dolphins' 35-8 rout of the Bills a month ago. Bell said the Bills "laid down." Several Bills, including Chris Kelsay and Stevie Johnson, said this week the talk stuck in their craws.

Bell told Miami reporters Thursday he isn’t backing down from his comments. “I think when they watched the film, they knew it, too,” Bell said. “Now it’s time for Round 2. I like to talk noise; if that gets them riled up, then I’m all for it. Bryan Cox is loving it.”

Gotta respect Bell for even being aware of Bryan Cox's role in Dolphins history as a fiery trash-talker.

---Mark Gaughan



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