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Spiller TD & stat details

Some stat geeks and fantasy footballers wondered why C.J. Spiller was credited with a 35-yard touchdown in Sunday's game, after he fumbled 30 yards into a run at the Titans' 5 then recovered in the end zone. Often teams are credited with miscellaneous yardage on fumble recoveries.

Mike Haim, who provides the Bills with expert stats consulting on game days, explains: The scoring depends on who recovers the fumble. If a teammate or opponent would have recovered (or if the ball had rolled out of the end zone), Spiller would have been credited with 30 yards. Because he recovered his own fumble, though, he then gets credit for all yardage to the point of recovery. The following passage in the NFL's stats guide applies best to this specific play: General Principles of Scoring Yardage on Fumble Plays --
A. When a player recovers his own fumble, credit him with net yardage gained or lost on the play
in the category initiating the action. (Charge him with a fumble and credit him with “own

---Mark Gaughan


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