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Buddy Nix plans week of meetings

Buffalo Bills general manager Buddy Nix said today he and the team's football department will conduct internal evaluations all week and he will address the fans - through the media - in a week.

"We’re meeting with the players right now one at a time," Nix said, a day after the Bills closed the season 6-10. "Tomorrow it’ll be with the coaches. Coach (Chan) Gailey and I will meet. Then we’re gonna have personnel meetings that will last probably two days. I’ll hear from the pro department, the college scouts. We’ll cover every phase of things and then end up with my annual meeting with Mr. (Ralph) Wilson. We meet every day just about (via the telephone), but kind of a season-ending thing with him, which we always do. I’d rather not answer anything specific right now. But Monday I know you’ve got things you’ve got to answer and you’ve got to talk about, and I’ll do the best I can to help you on Monday."

Asked to sum up his thoughts on the season, Nix said: "It was a two-part season. We were excited the first seven games. I knew we weren’t quite as far along as everybody thought we were. But it was fun. It was fun to see the fans and this city get as excited as they did. Our players were excited. There’s no excuse for losing seven games in a row. That was a complete downer and a complete surprise. I think we did get it back a little bit. You can make all kinds of excuses, you know, injuries, and that kind of thing. But even at that, we should have done better. I think we got a good nucleus. I’m excited. Talking to the players, I’m excited about how they feel, and I’m excited about a new year. It’s time. We need to make sure we step up and get it done, and I think we will."

---Mark Gaughan


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