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Buffalo a Polian-free zone

This blog item really should be unnecessary, but since it's something fans will be talking about we probably should state the obvious: the Bills will not be making room for Bill or Chris Polian in their football department. The Polians were fired by Indianapolis on Monday. No doubt some fans would love to see Bill Polian make a return to the organization, given the fact he built the Bills' "golden era." But the Bills have all their football management positions filled. Owner Ralph Wilson is fully committed to Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey. Nix already has his hand-picked, up-and-coming, asssistant general manager with quality credentials in Doug Whaley. Nix just this year put "his men" in charge of the pro and college operations (Tom Gibbons and Chuck Cook, respectively). The Bills are not about to pay for an assistant to the assistant general manager. And they're not about to bring in an 800-pound special advisor to the owner on football matters. Not that either Polian would come back to Buffalo, anyway. However, Bill Polian's firing means he's likely to be free on fall Sundays in 2012, presuming he isn't hired by some other club. So the opportunity is open for him to show up in Orchard Park for a Wall of Fame ceremony, which would be greatly deserved.

---Mark Gaughan


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