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DB Moore a savior for Pats

INDIANAPOLIS - Rookie defensive back Sterling Moore was cut three times this season but he has played big late in the year for the New England Patriots.

Moore made the big pass break-up against Baltimore receiver Lee Evans in the end zone at the end of the AFC Championship Game to help put the Pats in the Super Bowl. Moore was undrafted out of Southern Methodist but has played his way into the Pats' nickel defense. 

Moore on the key breakup against Evans: "I was thinking, ‘What’s the play?’ I hadn’t gotten the play yet. So I just played man coverage. He actually ran a great route on a double move. It was a great pass. I’m glad I got the ball out. I’ll just say if I hadn’t hit it, it would have been a touchdown."

Moore also had two interceptions in the regular-season finale against Buffalo. Moore's description of those two plays:

"One was a curl. One was an out. The curl they had a false start on the play before, and it was a repeat play. They ran the same play the play before. I was conscious of that. That’s what that team does. From film study, you know they’re going to be a repeat team on penalties."

The second pickoff, on an out route, was returned by Moore 21 yards for a touchdown.

"He had actually got me on that route earlier in the game. The ball wasn’t thrown to him. I knew if they came back to it he was going to run the out instead of the in. So I tried to jump it."

---Mark Gaughan


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