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Gailey on Stevie

Bills coach Chan Gailey was asked if he wanted receiver Stevie Johnson back next season. The head coach paused ... then answered:

"Yes. And with stipulations. I mean, you love what Stevie does on the field before he scores touchdowns. So you just have to decide if he can and we can get that under control."

"Stevie’s a very good football player; he is a very good football player," Gailey stressed.

Does Johnson's celebration penalty against New England factor into the Bills' decision on his future?

"To say it doesn’t have an impact would be a lie," Gailey said. "But you have to look at the whole body of work and not give a knee-jerk reaction to something that happened. But at the same time, It’s not the first time. So you take the whole body of work into consideration into making decisions like that for your football team. Every evaluation is heavy when you are talking about things like this."

Gailey said he spoke with Johnson Monday.

"Yes I did meet with Stevie and I told him exactly not exactly what I said in here but pretty close," Gailey said. "That we have to get things under control. That’s going to be important going forward. Whether he’s here or not, he needs to get that under control."

---Mark Gaughan



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