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Live from One Bills Drive: Buddy Nix's postseason news conference

Buffalo Bills General Manager Buddy Nix met with the media today. Here was a running blog from the news conference:

(Mark Mulville / Buffalo News)

Highlights from the news conference:

11:45: On tonight's BCS Championship: "I've coached at both places... There's a load of players." If there are any players that he likes: "Oh yeah. Alabama's secondary and LSU's secondary...those guys are as good as it gets."

11:43: On Scott Chandler: "We want Scott back, we do. If we can keep him at the right price, we will. You look at these guys, a lot of it is when they get their opportunity. When Chan came here, Stevie Johnson couldn't get on the field, Ryan Fitzpatrick was a second or third thought at quarterback, Scott Chandler going into this year had caught one ball in his career. One... My point is that those guys are probably more productive and more important to us than they may be to someone else. I don't know that. They may want to find out. A lot of time that grass looks a lot greener, but it might not be."

11:42: On Brad Smith: "I think it's exactly what we thought when we brought him in here. Brad can be a difference maker if you use him in the right way. I think his versatility is the biggest thing about him and what makes him the most important... If you look, when our third down efficiency dropped off is when we moved him to wideout. I'm glad we got him. Great guy to have."

11:39: On C.J. Spiller: "Everyone's been surprised, I guess, about C.J. [Spiller] except us. We always knew what we had. The opportunity is what he needed and he got it when Fred got hurt. I'm one of the few who thinks C.J. can run inside and be a workhorse kind of back. I think he can run inside the tackles. He's stronger than you think he is."

11:35: "I want to win. That's what I came here for."

11:33: "I'm disappointed that we didn't take more strides. I think there are reasons for that and I think a lof of it is personnel."

11:32: On his future with the Bills: "I hate to disappoint you guys but I'm not retiring. My committment is this. I've never quit anything. As long as my energy level stays where it is then I'm gonna do it til the job's done. If it gets to the point where I have to say 'I don't feel like doing it' then yeah, I'd let somebody else do it. But I've got no plans for that."

11:29: On drafting a quarterback: "Maybe so. If one's there, at the right time, yeah we'd take one."

11:27: On Marcus Easley: "Marcus has had the worst luck. I try and stay away from him I'm afraid it'll wear off. His problem has been completely solved. They said it won't recur again... We got to see what we got."

11:26: On McGee: "He's a realy good player when he's healthy. If he's healthy and gets back to form he'll be a player."

11:25: On team being playoff contenders: "We should take a big step next year."

11:24: On needs: "We would like to add two corners whether it's through free agency or it's through the draft. We also, at some point, need another linebacker."

11:22: "If we put good people around him we can get to the dance with Ryan."

11:22: On Ryan Fitzpatrick: "I've got no reservations about Ryan. He had some bad games. The thing we know for sure is we've seen him do it. We've seen him have the good games. When we started losing players, losing weapons for him, he compensated by trying to carry the load for them. Sounds like excuses, but they're reasons."

11:17: "I think we're at a point where we can spot three of four positions that if we can fill those with the right guys and get our injured guys back, we'll be competitive."

11:14: On Shawne Merriman: "We took a chance on Shawne Merriman...We took a risk going in... There was a decision made that without surgery it could be fixed and he could make it. Well he didn't...We missed him when he wasn't there. He's in a process of rehabbing and getting healthy. He will have a physical this spring and another one this summer. If he gets healthy and passes the physical he's still ours."

11:13: "You need to get players that are playmakers and put them in a position where they play. I know that sounds simple but that is the key to it."

11:10: On the defense: "Everything would look better if we had some pressure on the passer."

11:10: "We're trying to build it with young guys that are good players that are the right kind of people."

11:07: On Fred Jackson: "We want to extend Fred. I'd like for Fred to finish his career as a Bill. We're gonna try and get something done. Does it matter if we do it now or next week or a month from now? As long as we get it done before the season starts it's all the same to me... We do want Fred back and we do intend to work out a deal with him. I told Fred that."

11:07: "Guys that have been here like Steve has, you know I think he would like to stay here. He says that. Hopefully if he wanted to hit the market he'd say that. I take him at his word. He says he wants to be here...I think we'll get a deal done."

11:04: More on Stevie: "Here's not a criminal. He made a mistake. He cost us and he paid the price."

11:03: On Stevie Johnson: "We do want him back." On Johnson's penalties: "We're not happy about that. The things he does at practice. You know, he practices hurt. I think he's a team guy. Yeah we want him back."

11:02 a.m.: Here we go.

--Lauren Mariacher

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