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Super Bowl is that matters for Flacco

---The Ravens have finished with back-to-back 12-4 seasons as well as an AFC North championship but quarterback Joe Flacco said in order for the team to be considered special, they have to win the Super Bowl.

“You can’t get to the playoffs and lose every year and expect to be considered a special team,’’ he said. “We are definitely a good football team. That is without question. To be a special team, you have to win championships. We are working towards that. That is why we are here right now. That is why we put ourselves in this position every year. If you are here every year, you give yourself a way higher percentage of getting to the Super Bowl and winning it.’’

However Flacco, now in his fourth season, said there isn’t a sense of desperation to win immediately but contending annually for championships is expected.

“I don’t think you ever want to feel that way,’’ he said. “The bottom line is that getting to the playoffs and getting to this position is a rare thing. We have been spoiled around here, but that is because we are a good football team. You say teams are not in this position a lot or young guys don’t get used to this – you always hear that. Well, shoot, we should get used to it. We are a good … football team. Why shouldn’t we be here every year?’’

---Rodney McKissic


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