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Does Hall of Fame await Eli?

Eli Manning won his second Super Bowl with the Giants, giving him one more than brother Peyton and two wins in championship games over Tom Brady. Peyton Manning and Brady are locks for the Hall of Fame five years after they retire, but is there a place in Canton for Eli?

The answer would be "yes" if based on the euphoria sweeping over the Giants and their fans, but it's not that easy when you consider where Eli fits in history. He has been terrific in big games with an 8-3 playoff record and twice was named the Super Bowl's most valuable player. That puts him in an elite category, but it hardly makes him an elite player.

He's hardly a lock.

In his eight NFL seasons, he's never finished higher than fourth in yards passing and four times didn't crack the top 10. His career completion average is 60th all-time. He's 41st in passer rating in NFL history and his 69-50 record as a starter doesn't exactly blow away people. Ben Roethlisberger has a better completion average, passer rating and record.

Both have won two Super Bowls and been named to two Pro Bowls.

The two Super Bowls are huge, but Eli has some work ahead if he's going to have an eternal place with the best who ever played in the NFL. For now, he's a very good quarterback in a league designed to make passing easier than it was in other eras. Big Ben is in the same category. 

Very good isn't good enough for me.

--- Bucky Gleason



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