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Metzelaars back 'home'

Pete Metzelaars is back in Buffalo, where he spent most of his NFL playing career and enjoyed great success. He's also back at his natural position from a coaching standpoint. Metzelaars, the Bills' all-time best tight end, was introduced as the team's new tight ends coach today.

Metzelaars spent the past eight seasons working with offensive linemen with the Indianapolis Colts. He's looking forward to coaching the Bills' tight ends.

“I’m excited to get back involved really in the pass game,” Metzelaars said. “When you’re an offensive line coach and they start talking pass routes or pass patterns, you just turn it off and move on. All you’re concerned about is: ‘Who are we blocking?’ Now I get to be involved in that aspect of it. How are we putting it together? How are we attacking these people? What do they do? Where can we attack them? How do we need to attack them? So I’m very excited to be kind of re-introduced and re-connected with that whole aspect of the game.”

Metzelaars caught 383 passes in a 16-year playing career, from 1982 through 1997. He caught 302 passes with the Bills, from '85 to '94. He was the head offensive line coach the past two years in Indianapolis. Before that he was assistant offensive line coach under Howard Mudd, one of the most respected O-line coaches in the game.

"He’s done most everything in the league over the years," Metzelaars said of Mudd. "He’s a very inquisitive, creative mind. So he’s always trying … probing, wondering questioning. He has experienced most everything. You’ll say why don’t we try this? And he’ll say, ‘No we can’t do that. I tried that in ‘85 when I was in Cleveland and they were in this front and it just got blown up. It didn’t work.’ He has that unbelievable wealth of experience that you can draw from. He’s has been a great resource for me for years."

---Mark Gaughan


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