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Nix: We'll be aggressive

INDIANAPOLIS -- Buffalo Bills General Manager Buddy Nix stressed today the team needs to fill a few holes in free agency.

“I’ve said since Day One and it’s a philosophy that I think is one that works, that you build through the draft," Nix said after attending the weigh-ins of players at Lucas Oil Stadium this morning. "But you also gotta be alert if you’ve got a couple of holes you think you need to fill. And if they’re available in free agency, I think you go get ‘em. That’s going to be our approach. We’ll be aggressive."

How aggressive? Nix did not get more specific. But don't jump to the conclusion aggressive means the Bills will drop $100 million on Houston free-agent defensive end Mario Williams, the top potential free agent in the market. Nothing in the Bills' 52-year history suggests that's happening. My read is the Bills will have a couple of specific players targeted at a good but not giant cost who they will try to sign quickly.

"We need to take a big step," Nix said. "It was very disappointing to have a seven-game losing streak. You’ve got to stop that skid somewhere. There were a lot of reasons for it but none of ‘em are good. They’re not excuses, they’re reasons. But you’ve got to get better than that. You’ve got to be competitive toward the end."

"I think if we can fill a couple of spots in free agency and then have another good draft, get our injured guys back," Nix said. "Now that’s a lot of ifs, but really  those things should happen. All of our (injured) guys are on schedule or even ahead of schedule as far as rehab goes."

"We’ve got to have a good draft. I think the key is can we plug a hole or two in free agency. And I’ll add this: We need to keep our own, too. We need to do that. We can’t do that at the expense of costing us in other areas, but we’ve got to make every attempt to keep ‘em."

---Mark Gaughan



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