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Kraft questions wisdom of Mario deal

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was a guest on the CNBC talk show "Squawk Box" this morning and expressed doubts about the wisdom of the deal the Buffalo Bills gave to defensive end Mario Williams on Thursday. Kraft and Houston owner Bob McNair both were guests on the segment, and Kraft was showing some sympathy for his fellow owner, who lost Williams in free agency.

Said Kraft: “The point is when someone goes out and pays him $15 million, if you paid him that, your team doesn't get better when you do that. I would say your team maybe gets worse because you have less money available for other players. And only your personnel people understand the chemistry of how that works. And sometimes our fans get upset. We're faced with a couple decisions like that, too. And both you and I want to see our teams win. That's how we manage the resources available to us that allows us to do that.”

(Shout-out to Thurman Thomas, whose tweet this morning alerted Bills followers to the segment.)

---Mark Gaughan


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