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Nix: We're probably not in the WR business

Bills General Manager Buddy Nix reiterated today when he said about the receiver position during the Mario Williams news conference on Thursday. Despite their pursuit Tuesday of free-agent Robert Meachem, Buffalo is not planning to go after another free-agent wideout. Nix was interviewed on Live.

"Once we signed Steve Johsnon, we felt pretty good about our receivers," Nix told host Mike Florio. "Everybody thinks we need (one). And I've said it. That's why they think it I guess, that we need a speed guy on the outside. But we've got some guys. We've got nine receivers right now that are under contract that we think can fill that role. So we're probably not in the wide receiver business."

For the record, those nine receivers are: Johnson, David Nelson, Donald Jones, Marcus Easley, Brad Smith, Naaman Roosevelt, David Clowney, Ruvell Martin and Kamar Aiken. The two fastest in the 40-yard dash are Clowney, the former New York Jet, who ran a 4.36 coming out of college, and Easley, who ran 4.39.

Asked at what moment during Mario Wiliams' visit did he think the Bills were certain to close the deal, Nix said: "When he called me about 8:30 Wednesday night and said, 'We found a house we like.' So i figured if they're house shopping and found a house, we had a pretty good chance."

Nix also acknowledged what Bills fans felt about the prospect of not closing the deal with Williams: "Everybody had one focus, and that was to get him here. I shudder to think, really, what would have happened had we not gotten him. We all made that kind of effort and then if we hadn't I don't know. I tried not to think about it during the process. But I think it would have been a big blow against us if that had happened."

---Mark Gaughan


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