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King says Tannehill to visit

Sports Illustrated's Peter King tweeted this morning that Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill is scheduled to make a pre-draft visit with the Buffalo Bills next week.

With that in mind, here's what ESPN Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden had to say about Tannehill in a conference call earlier this week.

"What's not concerning is what kind of athlete he is. Let’s not forget, he didn’t just play wide receiver at Texas A&M, he started at wide receiver. He had over 200 yards receiving in one game against Kansas State. He’s an outstanding athlete, and he’s also been tutored by an NFL coach in Mike Sherman," Gruden said. "So when you do watch Tannehill, every time you watch him you’re seeing an outstanding young man who’s been tutored by an excellent offensive coach in an outstanding system. That I like. So the arrow is going up on Tannehill."

What is concerning, according to Gruden, is Tannehill's lack of experience. He started only 19 games after switching to quarterback from receiver, as Gruden alluded to. He also went just 1-5 against ranked teams this past season.  

"There are some issues you wish you could see. You’d like to see more tape. You’d like to see Tannehill and the A&M offense finish games in the second half when they have a lead. Some of the losses they had this year, I’m not blaming Tannehill, I’m not blaming anybody, but they lost the lead a lot this year in games, and it cost them, because I thought Texas A&M was going to be a top 10 team this year," Gruden said.

Tannehill has steadily moved up draft charts this offseason, so the chances are the Bills would have to move up to draft him as their quarterback of the future. So the question is simple: Should they?


---Jay Skurski


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