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Mel Kiper on Glenn, Graham

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper did a conference call with reporters this afternoon. Kiper gave the Buffalo Bills a generally positive review for their draft. He put a B-minus grade on both the Bills and the Patriots. (The other two AFC East teams, the Jets and Dolphins, got a C grade). Kiper wrote "It was a pretty good weekend for Buddy Nix and the Bills."

However, Kiper does not see second-round pick Cordy Glenn of Georgia as an NFL left tackle. The Bills are adamant that it's his best position as a pro. I asked Kiper to expand on his views on Glenn and third-round pick T.J. Graham, the speed receiver from North Carolina State.

Kiper on Glenn: "I’m a big Cordy Glenn supporter. I have been. I’ve had him in my top 20, 25 all year. To get him at 41 is a great pick. I just said this on draft day. When you look at them and say he’s a guard, well, they’re OK at guard. They got (Erik) Pears at right tackle. Left tackle is (Chris) Hairston. That’s where they want him to challenge. I don’t think he can hold up at left tackle. We’ll see. That’s something you’ll have to see about. He did this year at Georgia. But I think the best scenario would be right tackle or guard. The great thing about this is even if he doesn’t get it done at left tackle, you can move him to right tackle or guard. … Either way, he’s going to find the field. So it’s a great pick for that reason. I just would have a different opinion on his ability to be a left tackle at the pro level on a game-to-game basis."

Kiper on Graham: "When you put his speed on the board he’d be one of the top guys, and that’s what what they were looking at. Right before the draft, I thought (the Bills would pick) Michael Floyd. But they wanted a speed guy. They wanted a complement to Stevie Johnson, a fast guy. Then you looked at the fastest guys, and T.J. Graham is right there. He ran a 4.35 at the combine. He could get a little stronger. He’s a good athlete, no question about that. Legitimate speed merchant. He’s got the ability in the return game, he showed that. But will he be consistent enough catching the ball? We’ll have to wait and see on that. I thought he could be a fourth, fifth receiver, be your primary return man. The key is going t be can he help a team as a receiving entity. He has a big average per-catch. … The guy has put up decent numbers overall. … When you have somebody that fast – and he’s got good size, he’s almost 190 pounds, almost 6 feet tall – I think T.J. Graham, for what they wanted, has shown flashes at the wide receiver position. He’s a return man. He’s got speed. I’m not going to argue with that. Was it a little earlier than I thought? Probably a round or two, but at the end of the day, they wanted a speed guy and they got one of the guys who could really stretch it."

---Mark Gaughan


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