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Nix on draft mistakes

Bills General Manager Buddy Nix was asked a question today about draft busts and how they occur. One of the refreshing things about Nix is he doesn't act like he invented football. The reality is the draft is a crapshoot. Every team has misses.

Nix's honest answer on his past draft mistakes (presumably he was speaking more about his time in San Diego, where the Chargers had good draft success overall, since he only has run two drafts in Buffalo):

"I think we’ve made this mistake before – and I’m talking about me – is not being prepared if the guy you want at that spot all of a sudden is gone and you’ve got five minutes to make the next pick. You better have a plan of where you’re going if he’s not there. There’s a good chance, even though you think you’re set, all of a sudden somebody jumps over you and takes that guy. I’ve had it happen more than once. The mistakes we’ve made were not being prepared to go to the next guy."

---Mark Gaughan


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