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Road to the Draft: Nick Toon

Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin
6-foot-17/8, 215 pounds
Draft projection: Third round

Lowdown: Toon, the son of former Jets wideout Al Toon, is a polished route runner with good hands who performs well either in the slot or on the outside. Like his father, Toon wins a lot of one-on-one battles for jump balls because of his athletic ability yet unlike his dad, he lacks top-end speed and will not blow by defenders. Yet during his Pro Day last month, Toon ran a 4.43, slicing more than a tenth of a second off of his 4.54 time from the Combine. Inconsistency and durability questions, however, have hounded Toon the last two seasons. Would be a solid third round pick for the Bills although they seek someone with more breakaway speed.

Mel Kiper, Jr. says: “Although not as dynamic or explosive as his father, he will fight for the ball in traffic and has been able to come down with a number of circus type catches during his fine career in Madison.”

What Toon remembers about his father’s career: “Not a whole lot. I was pretty young. I think I was either 4 or 5 when he retired, so I actually distinctly remember – this is one of the only memories I have – I went down on the field and kind of walked around, they may have carried me around. I was a little bit smaller than I am right now back then. But not a whole lot. I remember hanging out at the facility, playing around on the practice field and the locker room and stuff, but that’s about it.”


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