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83 Ex-Bills in Concussion Litigation

There currently are 81 concussion-related lawsuits filed against the NFL, and they include 2,265 former players as of about a week ago.

There is a website - - that rounds up news on the lawsuits. That website includes a listing of all the plaintiffs in the cases. Based on a review of that list, The News counts 83 former Bills among the plaintiffs. Some played in Buffalo a long time, some only a matter of weeks.

There are lots of Hall-of-Famers who have joined in the suits, including Eric Dickerson, Joe DeLamielleure, Chris Doleman, Tony Dorsett, Fred Dean, Bob Lilly, Leroy Kelly and Art Monk, among others. Here are the ex-Bills who are included on the listing, according to the website:

Chidi Ahanotu, Ethan Albright, Gary Baldinger, Don Beebe, Rodney Bellinger, Curtis Brown, Bobby Burnett, Jeff Burris, Derrick Burroughs, Carl Byrum, Mario Clark, Tony Cline, Robert Coons, Paul Costa, Joe Cribbs, Matt Darby, Kenneth Davis, Joe DeLamielleure, Conrad Dobler, Kevin Everett, Joe Ferguson, Jay Foreman, Byron Franklin, Donnie Green, Drew Haddad, Dwight Harrison, Dale Hellestrae, J.D. Hill, Raion Hill.

And: Kelly Holcomb, Corey Hulsey, David Humm, Bill Hurley, Scott Hutchinson, Darrell Irvin, Harry Jacobs, Bruce Jarvis, James Jeffcoat, Ron Jessie, Jack Johnson, Rob Johnson, Trumaine Johnson, Trey Junkin, Rex Kern, Merv Krakau, Bill Laskey, Teddy Lehman, Mark Maddox, Shane Matthews, Ron McDole, Reggie McKenzie*, Seth McKinney, Ted McKnight, Aaron Merz, James Mueller, Ryan Neufeld.

And: Tom Nutten, Joe Panos, Robert Penchion, Lou Piccone, David Pool, Daryl Porter, Mike Pucillo, Constantin Ritzmann, Sam Rogers, Butch Rolle, Mike Schneck, Dennis Shaw, Daimon Shelton, John Skourpan, Fred Smerlas, Thomas Smith, Art Still, Anthony Thomas, Tavares Tillman, Richard Trapp, Maurice Tyler, Phil Villapiano, Dave Washington, David White, Art Whittington, Donald Wilson, Jeff Yeates. (*-Believed to be the ex-Bill by that name. There also is a James Williams among the litigants, but it is not know if he's the one of numerous NFLers named James Williams who played for the BIlls. A Bills draftee, Bernard Ford (third round, '88) is on the list, but he never got in a game with Buffalo.).

Here's a link to a Buffalo News story by reporter Henry Davis on the suit filed by Jacobs, the middle linebacker from the Bills' AFL championship teams.

---Mark Gaughan




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