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Buddy & Chan on VY

Bills General Manager Buddy Nix after the team's rookie practice today on the signing of free-agent quarterback Vince Young:

"We’re looking always to try to improve our team – get deeper and get more competition, and that’s what this is. It’s a competition for the backup quarterback job. Not the starter, obviously, I’ve said that 100 times. He knows it. That’s the way it is. It’s just to try to get us better."

"We’ve got two of the best quarterback coaches in the business, starting with Coach Gailey and then David Lee. Those guys are good teachers. They will do what he can do best. Trust me he’s a big good athlete who can do a lot of things for you."

"The guy’s been to two Pro Bowls. He’s 31-19 as a starter in this league. We think he can do that again. If he has to play, he can give us a chance to win the game or at least this, he will make Tyler (Thigpen) better. One of ‘em will be better. So that will make our team better."

Gailey on Young's strengths: "Well, he's got a great arm. When he worked out here, he threw it very well. Everybody knows his mobility. He brings you that. And he's won football games in the NFL. That's another positive."

Gailey on how Young's abilities fit the Bills' spread scheme: "We tend to fit the offense around what people do. We don't make people fit in to our offense. If he ends up ... if we get an injury to Fitz and he ends up playing, we'll tailor some things to do what he does, using his movement skills."
Does Gailey see Young being part of a Wildcat package?

"Right now, I ain't even had him here. It's hard to say what a guy might do, but when he gets here, we'll teach him the basics and go from there. There's no telling what he can do."

---Mark Gaughan


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