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Rex bleeding blue & white

Here's another reason for Buffalo Bills' fans to either dislike Jets coach Rex Ryan -- or perhaps like him a bit more. He's a hockey fan and a big booster of a Sabres enemy, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Ryan spent much of his young childhood living in Toronto with his mother, who worked for the University of Toronto. When he got into high school, he moved back down to the United States to live with his father, who was coaching the Minnesota Vikings at the time.

Ryan was at Game One of the Stanley Cup Finals last night and sporting a New Jersey Devils jersey. (Fans who watched the CBC broadcast got to see a interview in the stands with the coach.) 

Ryan on his hockey loyalties during the Hockey Night in Canada telecast: “The Leafs are my team, but living here in Jersey I support the Devils,” Ryan said. “They’re right down the road. They’re a good team. But I am waiting on Toronto. It’s been what, eight years since we’ve made the playoffs? We’re upset that we never made the playoffs this year. Eight-year drought, c’mon Leafs. I mean, they started the season great, and I’m, like, this could be our year. But we’ll see. Hopefully they get it together.”

The Leafs have one thing in common with the Bills. Toronto's eight-year playoff drought is the longest in the NHL (and considering 16 teams make the playoffs, that's long). The Bills' 12-year drought is longest in the NFL. The longest in the NBA is eight years, for Minnesota. The longest in major league baseball is 30 years, for the Washington Nationals (and Montreal Expos).

---Mark Gaughan


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