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Dareus fired up about conditioning

Bills second-year defensive tackle Marcell Dareus says he's excited about how much better he could get now that he has a season of pro ball to his name. Dareus was pretty outstanding last season, making the NFL's all-rookie team. 

Dareus was listed at 340 pounds last season. He weighed in at 331 at the start of spring practices. He says he aims to be about 325 for the start of the season.

Said Dareus after Thursday's practice: "I want to bring to the table a more in shape Marcell. I want to be more in shape, flying to the ball more than I did last year, more than I did ever. So I really want to get off the ball, get to the ball, run to the ball, be non-stop, have a motor that’s non-stop going. I want to be in better shape physically and mentally ready to go."

---Mark Gaughan


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