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Hansen, Smerlas at Kelly Tourney

Here are some quotes from Bills greats at the 26th annual Jim Kelly Celebrity Golf Classic, held today in Batavia:

Kelly on the absence of Kent Hull, who died at age 50 in October: “It’s good to see all these guys. This year it’s bittersweet. When you lose a guy like Kent Hull, the sweet part is the memories we’ve had. He was such a big part of this tournament. I think he might have missed one or two in the 26 years. He’s sorely going to be missed today and throughout the rest of my tournaments – to the 50th anniversary.”

Phil Hansen on his candidacy for a Minnesota state senate seat: “I kind of had a burning desire for a long time to do it but the timing has never been right. I had a young family. My kids are all in school now. There’s a retiring senator from the district which I plan to represent, and I want to make a difference. I want to do something more than just vote, and it’s manifested itself in running for office. Hansen said fiscal discipline is at the core of his political philosophy. “That should be a core of anyone’s philosophy,” he said. “You just don’t spend more than you have. And In every state, I think it’s about jobs, creating an environment for jobs, for business owners to succeed and hire employees.”

Fred Smerlas on the problem former players face in dealing with the concussions they suffered during their careers: "It’s a huge problem. I have a broken ankle (that has bothered him) since ’83. I’ve had 24 operations. I don’t sleep. Anger problems, headaches. They should have, when you had a concussion, not just given you smelling salts and icing the back. They should have sat and observed. They knew they should have done that. Another thing they should have done is when you get out of the league they have should done something (about treatment) after we got out. They needed to have a place for us to go (for specialized care). They never cared about the guys who got out. I played 14 years and had five Pro Bowls. They shut the door ... They shouldn’t have done that."

---Mark Gaughan


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