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Bills vs. Titans: You make the call

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According to NFL columnist Mark Gaughan in Saturday's Buffalo News, the NFL is in the middle of a scoring spree.

After eight weeks, the New Orleans Saints are on pace to score 624 points, which would eclipse the record set just two years ago by the New England Patriots.

What are your impressions after eight weeks and take the poll: who wins the Super Bowl?

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Poll: Bills vs. Carolina

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Should T.O. be traded? Take the poll

With the NFL trade deadline arriving next Tuesday, there is growing conversation among fans and national media types that the Bills might consider trading wide receiver Terrell Owens. People say that because Owens signed a one-year contract the Bills should try to get something for him since he could leave after the season and they wouldn't get anything in return.

ESPN's Adam Schefter floated the Chicago Bears as a possible trade partner, but would they part with a third-round draft pick as Schefter suggested to get a 35-year-old receiver who has produced little so far?
As for the Bills, trading him would be akin to waving the white flag on this season. Even if some fans have already given up, the Bills can't admit the season is over.

Also, an Owens trade would be an insult to all the fans who bought season tickets and No. 81 jerseys when the team signed him. What are your thoughts on this?

Should the Bills trade Terrell Owens?

---Allen Wilson


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