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Dolphins-Bills blacked out

The Bills just announced that Sunday’s game against the Miami Dolphins at Ralph Wilson Stadium will be blacked out on local television. About 7,000 tickets remain.  

 Tickets are still available for purchase by going online at, at Ticketmaster outlets, the Ralph Wilson Stadium ticket office, or by calling 1-877-BB-TICKS (228-4257).  Club seats and other premium seating opportunities are also available.

---Rodney McKissic





Titans-Bills blacked out

---The Bills announced that Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans at Ralph Wilson Stadium did not sell out by the league mandated deadline and will be blacked out on local television.

Tickets are available at, Ticketmaster outlets, the Ralph Wilson Stadium ticket office, or by calling 1-877-BB-TICKS (228-4257).  Club seats and other premium seating opportunities are also available.

Former Bills kicker Steve Christie will be Sunday’s “Leader of the Charge” to wave the Bills team onto the field for pregame introductions.  Pregame activities also include the recognition of students and teachers from Buffalo area schools that participated in the Bills and NFL Play 60 program this season.

---Rodney McKissic


Sunday's game will be on local TV

The Bills' game against New England sold out in time to beat the local television blackout deadline today, thanks to restaurateur Russell Salvatore, who purchased the remaining tickets.

Sunday's 1 p.m. game will air on Channel 4.

Salvatore plans to distribute the tickets to various military and local youth groups, according to a press release from the Bills.

"This is a Christmas present to the community, and I wish everyone in Buffalo a happy holidays," said Salvatore, the owner of Russell's Steaks, Chops & More in Williamsville.

Late-night laughs

Are the Bills a national laughingstock? Well, maybe. Stevie Johnson's dropped pass and subsequent tweets were mentioned in Monday night's monologues by both Jay Leno (NBC) and Jimmy Kimmel (ABC), according to transcripts compiled at

Said Leno: "How about the Buffalo Bills? Just minutes after Buffalo Bills wide receiver Steve Johnson dropped the game winning pass in the end zone, he went on Twitter and blamed God. … Hey, he thought God made him drop the pass. The Buffalo Bills are 2-9. God gave up on the Bills a long time ago."

Kimmel: "The Bills lost to the Steelers in overtime thanks primarily to a pass wide receiver Steve Johnson dropped in the end zone. … After the game, he lashed out on Twitter at who? At God. That's right. He said, 'I praise you 24/7!!!!!! And this how you do me!!!!! You expect me to learn from this??? How???!!! I'll never forget this!! Ever!!! Thx tho…' God tweeted back, 'LOL' and 'It's all good.' I got news for you: God doesn't tweet. God's thumbs are too big to tweet. By the way, if God cared about you at all, he wouldn't have you playing for the Bills."

--Greg Connors

A shot from Jay Leno

You don't need to read the Sunday letters to the sports editor, or listen to local talk radio, to get your fill of Bills bashing these days. To paraphrase ZZ Top, they're so bad, it's nationwide.

Jay Leno closed his "Tonight Show" monologue Wednesday night with a couple of Bills jokes:

"Did you see the new camouflage uniforms the Army football team unveiled Saturday? You see those? It's kind of cool. Football uniforms in camouflage. In fact, I understand the Buffalo Bills asked if they could borrow them. You know, not to play football, but to sneak out of the stadium afterwards. Buffalo Bills lost again: 0-7. In fact, their quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, he's a Harvard graduate. In this economy, even with an Ivy League education, you can still wind up in a dead-end job."

---Greg Connors



LeBatard takes a shot

ESPN's "Pardon the Interruption" took a break from its LeBron James speculation-fest Thursday afternoon to discuss former Bill Terrell Owens … and to take a shot at Buffalo.

Owens went on a national radio station … 104.5 The Zone … to vent about his continued unemployment this offseason.

   He doesn't blame the situation on his subpar stats from his one season with the Bills.

   The culprit, in T.O.'s mind? ESPN.

   "I may do 99 good things right, and if I do one thing wrong ESPN and all the people over there make it out to be the worst thing ever," Owens told the station, as recounted by PTI's Michael Wilbon.

02092009204447_Dan_Le_Batard  Fill-in co-host Dan LeBatard, a Miami Herald columnist, said Owens has been a victim of media "overreaction" and praised the mercurial wide receiver for his good conduct last season.

   "He was good last year, Mike, or at least he was on very good behavior," LeBatard said. "That Bills team wasn't easy to behave on. That city's not easy to behave in. And he behaved himself."

   This prompted Wilbon to ask, "Why is Buffalo not easy to behave in?"

   LeBatard, explaining himself, replied, "Just because you're losing and angry and there's nothing to do and you sob on the end of your bed at night."

   Hey, Dan, before I go cry myself to sleep at the foot of my bed tonight, I just wanted to say this: Go choke on a stone crab claw.

-- Stephen T. Watson

Live Super Bowl chat with Sully

Welcome to the Super Bowl chat. I'm ensconced in my easy chair for my second annual chat at the Schmand residence in North Buffalo, or Schmandapalooza, as I like to call it. Thanks for joining in the chat. Talk to you next year. Maybe the Bills will be in it.

Super Bowl: Who do you like?

Barkley weighs in on Gailey over Frazier

2258 Pro Basketball Hall of Famer Charles Barkley was his usual unrestrained self on the nationally syndicated "Dan Patrick Show" this morning. Among a series of fantastic takes also including his thoughts on starring in a spin-off of "The White Shadow" and Lane Kiffin, the TNT analyst also weighed in on the Bills hiring Chan Gailey.

Remember, Barkley was outspoken last year when his alma mater, Auburn, hired the white Gene Chizik as its football coach over then UB coach Turner Gill.

Here is what Barkley said about the Bills turning to Gailey:

"I call it the Mickey Rooney rule instead of the Dan Rooney rule. Because they interview these black coaches after white guys have already got the job -- that's a travesty. That is a flat-out travesty.

"But ['Inside the NBA' host Ernie Johnson] corrected me. I said, 'You know, I'm not happy with the Mickey Rooney rule.' He says, 'Dan Rooney.' I said, 'Well, you interview black coaches after white guys have already got the job, that's the Mickey Rooney rule.'

"And let me tell you something, I don't mean no disrespect to Chan Gailey, but listen, Leslie Frazier has done a fantastic job. And when you start getting guys off the street, giving them the chances before guys that have been doing a great job, that really pisses me off.

"I like Roger Goodell -- and the way he hammers these players, he's got to start hammering these teams, man. They just can't go get guys off the steets instead of hiring young black assistants."

---Geoff Nason

Vick signs with Eagles

Michael Vick is back in the NFL, signing tonight with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Agent Joel Segal confirmed the quarterback's signing, shortly before the team announced it in a text message. The Eagles gave Vick a one-year deal with an option for a second year.

After a day sorting out all the chatter about Buffalo, what do you think?

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