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The TO Show

So who took the plunge and watched Monday night's premiere of The TO Show? Did you laugh? Did you think it was reality show drivel? A little of both perhaps?

Here's Alan Pergament's review of the opener. Be sure to look for more thoughts on TO and his "reality" in my column in Wednesday's editions of The News.

---Mike Harrington


MNF's great trade

All football fans have to be thrilled with one of the best trades of the offseason -- Jon Gruden for Tony Kornheiser. I couldn't let this move go by without comment. This is great news for the Monday Night Football telecast. It will be so much more fun to listen with a broadcast booth that includes Ron Jaworski, Mike Tirico and Gruden.

---Mark Gaughan

NBC's John Madden retires

Buffalo News TV Critic Alan Pergament has a take on the retirement of NBC football commentator John Madden on the Talkin' TV blog.  Madden, 73, joined Monday Night Football in 2002. Pergament will address  Madden's retirement and his announcing career in Friday's Buffalo News.

Go to the Talkin' TV blog to tell us what you think of Madden as an analyst.

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