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Chaos in Amherst

Even with a program, it's hard to tell the players in Amherst's tricky Town Board races  this year.

On the surface, party labels might suggest Democrats support Democrats and Republicans are working for their own.

But since the the arrival of Supervisor Satish Mohan two years ago, the political cross currents are running strong.


  * Council Member Bill Kindel, a veteran six-term Republican, is challenging his party in the primary election, saying his values "are in direct conflict" with [fellow Republican] Mohan. Kindel also talked about becoming a Democrat and courted  Democratic County Elections Commissioner and Amherst Town Democratic Chairman Dennis Ward, brother of Amherst Council Member Dan Ward.

The party switch didn't happen, but indications are that Kindel and the Democrats would be comfortable if he wins one of the three open seats on the board.

* Mohan, who complains that he needs a board that will help enact his agenda, backs two of the endorsed Republican candidates, but has decided to support a newcomer, nursing home
administrator Mark Klyczek instead of a third party candidate, Guy R. Marlette.

And, this week, Amherst Republicans released a letter to the press accusing Mohan of violating campaign financing rules.

What's going on?

According to Mohan, both Democrats and Republicans are now opposing him.

-- Thomas Dolan


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