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There's a reason the totes come with lids

   I love my garbage tote. So do a lot of people. My father loves his so much, he jokingly says he wants to live in it.

   There is much to love about them. No more lugging cans to the curb. No more wondering whether they're blowing down the street on a windy day. No more lids disappearing. No more raccoon parties out by the street.

   But here's the thing about the totes, now in use in several suburban communities: They're only going to do what they're supposed to do - keep the rats away - if they're not so stuffed to overflowing that the lid can't be closed.

   What if you have so much garbage you can't fit it all in there? Some towns will let you put out another container, as long as its covered. Or get to know your neighbors by asking them if they have some extra room. The better answer is to try to make less garbage by making sure you're recycling as much as possible.

   If the totes help us do that, it's one more reason to love them.

   --- Bruce Andriatch

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