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This class is too big ... This one is too small ...

   Imagine you build a house in a beautiful neighborhood. One of the things you love about it is that your kids will be able to walk to school, which is so close you can see them outside your kitchen window.

   Now imagine that you get the word from the district that your kids won't be going to that school, but to a less crowded one a few miles away. Instead of leaving the house 10 minutes before the bell rings, they'll have to get on a bus that comes 45 minutes earlier and brings them home 45 minutes later.

   If you're a suburban parent, that scenario can sound very much like redistricting reality. School officials aren't trying to be evil; they just need to do something when some schools are overflowing with students and some are, well, underflowing.

   If not redistricting, what? Should they add on to the schools that have too many? Close schools that have too few?

   --- Bruce Andriatch


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