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Timmy's: Worth the wait?

   Tim Hortons is just a little bit like Wal-Mart: Nobody wants one in their neighborhood, but it seems like everybody goes there.

   Members of the Lancaster Town Board on Monday did what we all seem to have a hard time doing - they said no to Tim Hortons. In this case, it was a proposal to build one on Transit Road and Michael Anthony Lane. Residents said they were worried about the traffic and the board agreed. The developer expects to file a lawsuit.

   Traffic and Timmy's go together like doughnuts and coffee. I know that every time I pass a line of cars waiting to go through the drive-thru - OK, OK; every time I'm IN a line of cars waiting to go through the drive-thru - I wonder why we do it. True, the line moves very quickly, but where else would you willingly get in a line where there are almost always 10 to 15 customers in front of you?

   What I'm asking is: Why do we love Tim Hortons so much? Is the coffee THAT good? Would you go there as often if you had to actually get out of your vehicle to go in the restaurant?

   --- Bruce Andriatch

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