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Amherst voters not kind to Kindel

   In the Republican primary for Amherst, six-term incumbent Council Member Bill Kindel finished last among five candidates. The veteran lawmaker has apparently worn out his welcome among those who feel that new blood is needed to get results on the Town Board.

   The primary was a victory for the Amherst Republican Party, whose slate of endorsed candidates gained top votes.

   Mark Klyczek, a candidate supported by Supervisor Satish Mohan but subjected to a negative hit piece by the Republican Party, finished fourth. A vote for Klyczek may have been a vote for Mohan, or simply an indication of anti-incumbent fervor.

   Perhaps Kindel's public and well-publicized run-ins with Mohan during board meetings have not been overlooked by voters who have expressed an interest in supporting a board that exhibits more professionalism and respect.

   What do voters want in the makeup of the next Town Board? And what message did Republican
voters send by supporting Barry Weinstein, Roy Wixson and Guy Marlette for office?

     --- Sandra Tan



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