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Your suite is ready, Whiskers

   If you've ever decided against going on a trip because you don't want to leave your cat behind or you've thought, "How could I have fun in some exotic land knowing that Rover is in a kennel?" you're not alone.

   And now the market has caught up with you.

   A pet hotel could be the way to go. In fact, from the sounds of these places, your pet might have a better time than you will.

   But are we maybe going just a tad overboard here? The same animal that will drink out of the toilet every chance he gets can spend a weekend in what amounts to a spa? Why would they ever want to come home to the old bath towel on the tile floor in the front hall when they can have a lambskin blanket and soft music in their own suite?

   And by the way, don't we have something better to do with our money?

   --- Bruce Andriatch


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