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An idea that stopped traffic

   A study commissioned by Erie County found no justification - based on state criteria, anyway - for keeping traffic signals at three Town of Tonawanda intersections: two on Elmwood Avenue and one on Colvin Boulevard.

   Even the town police chief said he didn't foresee a safety problem if they were replaced with stop signs on the side streets. To the contrary, he suggested that simplifying the intersections could reduce risks.

   But residents opposed removing the lights and the Town Board agreed. They're staying.

   In my first-ring suburban neighborhood, there's a traffic signal at the corner - the intersection of a busy east-west route that runs from Buffalo to Amherst. Yet every driver living on my street knows that you don't dare proceed, even when you have the green, without first looking for the east-west motorists gunning it to beat the light.

   The silence of many a day has been shattered by cars screeching to a stop and sometimes colliding.

   What's it like in your neighborhoods?

   --- Janice L. Habuda

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