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Apathy reigns on election day

   We spend a lot of time around here getting the skinny on the men and women running for office in the 'burbs. The stories about who the candidates are and what they stand for in every elected job from town supervisor to assessor are a staple in the paper at this time of year.

   But when the polls close Tuesday night, we'll marvel at how few votes are actually cast for the people who will run town governments, the people who decide how to spend your money.

   In some cases, it's apathy. As has been well-documented, even presidential elections don't draw like they used to. In local races, the fact that many candidates have no opposition or only token opposition is certainly part of it.

   But there are some hotly contested campaigns being waged in the suburbs and the populace will greet most of them with a yawn. Why? If all politics is local, why don't more people vote when it comes to local politics?

   --- Bruce Andriatch



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