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Quibbling about the quarry

   Buffalo Crushed Stone's lawyer, Craig A. Slater, has one answer for critics who live near the company's quarry on Como Park Boulevard: "We got here first."

   That's right. The limestone mining company was there long before the folks who moved in around it. To be fair, company reps also say their activities fall well within the state's environmental guidelines and they have all the necessary permits to do business at the quarry.

   But the claim to being first on the spot clearly means the rest of the folks who move in behind them have lost some of their right to quibble about the mine.

   The quarry's neighbors complain about noise, smell (rotten eggs, or hydrogen sulfide), dust, truck traffic and especially the vibrations. Depending on how close they live to the quarry, witnesses testified that their homes shake, windows break, and they fear that the house may be splitting apart.

   All this is part of everyday life in Cheektowaga.

   Do you buy the company's argument? And what else should the "I got here first" rule apply to??

   --- Thomas J. Dolan 

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