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Different pockets, same money

   How are we taxed by New York State? Let me count the ways ...

   There's income tax, sales tax and gasoline tax, just to name three. New Yorkers pay thousands of dollars every year to fund state government. Some of that money comes back to us, which is the case with capital projects undertaken by school districts.

   But that's still our money. When the governor rolls out the state budget early next year, there will be money included that will be earmarked for general school aid, building aid and maybe other aid in the form of initiatives like EXCEL and every school district will be able to get a piece of it.

   The schools will spend the money, of course, but when your district releases its budget in the spring and officials say, "The extra state aid we got means we can hold the line on taxes," what they mean is that your property tax bill might not go up very much. They might not mention what is happening to your state taxes.

  --- Bruce Andriatch




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