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Let it snow! PLEASE!

   If your children go to bed with their pajamas on backwards and ask for a spoon which they then place under their pillows, do not be alarmed. Those two superstitions are meant to ensure a snow day when wintry weather is coming.

   This is serious stuff. The snow day is one of the best days of childhood. Snow days on Fridays and Mondays are good. Snow days during exam week are very good. Consecutive snow days? They're the holy grail of chidlhood. (See the 2000 movie "Snow Day" for a further explanation.)

   That's partly why if you're of a certain age, you remember the Blizzard of '77 - 31 years ago yesterday, believe it or not - and the mythical quality that storm took on when schools were closed for an unheard of seven straight days: the day before, the day of and the week after.

   Got a good snow day memory? Share.

   --- Bruce Andriatch


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