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It's his party and he'll change if he wants to

   Amherst Town Supervisor Satish Mohan presented himself as a proud, independent Republican when he ran for office two years ago. In one speech, he said, “The Republican Party stands for less government, less taxes, more business and more jobs. My agenda is all about these Republican values.”

   Well, Mohan may still believe in many of these same values, but he won’t be espousing them as a Republican anymore. He confirmed Tuesday that he intends to join the Democratic Party because the Democrats are more likely to represent the interests of the broader public. He also said his change of political stripes won’t change what he stands for, but he hopes it will enable him to finally accomplish the agenda he set out to achieve when he was elected to office.

   Whether this change will truly help him, or only hurt him, remains to be seen.

  --- Sandra Tan


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