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End of the line for the trail

   The Town of Hamburg has secured a state grant of $243,000 and come up with plans to run a bicycle path on public property and right-of-ways through the Hoover Beach neighborhood.

   It would be part of a plan that would connect Buffalo to Evangola State Park, or Fort Niagara to Erie, Pa., for those with grander visions.

   But now, several years into the planning process, the association that represents Hoover Beach says it wants nothing to do with the project (which also had the bids come in at $100,000 more than expected, in part because of project delays).

   The opponents of the trail appear to have a majority on the Hamburg Town Board on their side, including the two new members who helped give Republican Supervisor Steven Walters his first majority.

   What do you think? Did residents wait too long to voice their opposition? Or was the previous Democratic Town Board majority running roughshod over Hoover Beach residents?

   --- Elmer Ploetz


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