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Monday, Monday

   It's not easy to make Lancaster Supervisor Robert Giza speechless, but he almost was Monday when I asked him if he knew why so many town and village boards meet on that day.

    "It's been that way for at least 27 years here," he said.

  There's nothing wrong with that. But there is something wrong when a village resident has to choose between a town or a village meeting because they are both held the same night. As I noted in my column today, some people in East Aurora want to try and fix the problem by holding the meetings on different nights.

   The law says the meetings have to be open to the public and - with some exceptions - they are. But don't elected officials owe it to the people who put them in office to schedule them at a time when the greatest number of people can sit in? Or is public interest in meetings so limited that it doesn't matter when they are held?

  --- Bruce Andriatch


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