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The Centre of controversy

   The proposed $44 million Amherst Town Centre development, proposed for the 32-acre, lead-contaminated Buffalo Shooting Club property on Maple road has been a target of both praise and criticism in recent months. 

   Benderson says the privately funded project will bring in $1.6 million in much-needed school, county and town property tax revenue; clean up a toxic brownfield; and provide Western New York with a one-of-kind "lifestyle center" that will offer a mix of retail, hotel, residential, office and green space.

  But opponents with the Fairways Boulevard Group cite severe traffic congestion problems and the overall unsuitability of a high-density project for the area. The group represents roughly two dozen active members and reaches out to more than 200 other neighborhood residents living in subdivisions across from the gun club property.

   To what extent should the needs of neighborhood property owners be considered by the town, which has final rezoning authority in this matter?

    --- Sandra Tan

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