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Actually, it really is just massage

    The practice of massage therapy is booming. So too is the winking and nudging that goes on when people hear the term, assuming that it means something other than actual massage.

   It doesn't help that popular culture almost always portrays the massage as a precursor to sexual activity and that there are hundreds of cases every year in which people get arrested for running prostitution rings disguised as massage businesses.

   If you're not sure, ask the massage therapist to see a copy of his or her license. Or you can check the American Massage Therapy Association Web site to see if the person is listed there.

   Do you ever get a massage? Have you ever told someone you got a massage and been peppered with questions about what REALLY happened?

   If so, you can understand the frustration of Georgia Johnson as outlined in my column today.

      --- Bruce Andriatch

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