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Caught in the Net

   It was an ironic juxtaposition that Grand Island Superintendent Robert W. Christmann couldn't help sharing about his tech-savvy students.

   While one was using his skills to hack into the school district computer system, there are other students at the school working to upgrade the web site for the Town of Grand Island. They'd like to work with local businesses, too. Educators know the more they get students working on real life projects, the more they can see the value of their training and the more it sticks with them.

   "The more real we can make it, the better they will be," he said.

   Unfortunately, reality sunk in another way for another student.  The 16-year-old student has been charged with a unauthorized use of a computer, a misdemeanor. Authorities said he obtained the passwords of staff members, although they don't think he used the passwords.

   While proud of its "amazing" students, district officials also want to get the word out to students: Keep it legal.

  --- Barbara O'Brien


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