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Getting their geese

   It must be spring, because Cheektowaga officials are once again working on the geese problem in Stiglmeier Park and Reinstein Woods. Simply put: The parks have too many geese.

   Five years ago, visitors to the town's premier parks quickly learned that anything touching the ground became contaminated with goose droppings. Balls, shoes, soccer uniforms, blankets, and, of course, people, especially small ones.

   Today, the park is in better shape. But the control methods used - including addling, or oiling the goose eggs in their nests - must continue indefinitely, or the geese will become numerous again. Five years ago, town officials estimated that 700 Canada Geese were nesting in the two parks. Now the estimate is about 75 to 100.

    Are there better ways than addling the eggs or removing the geese? How many are too many? Or should the town leave the geese alone?

  --- Thomas J. Dolan

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