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Here comes the bus

   "At least I don't drive an SUV."

   I'd been saying that to myself for weeks as I watched gasoline prices climb higher and higher. The tales of people spending $75 or $80 to fill their tanks once a week were chilling, but I felt OK at $40 or $45.

   Then $50. Then $55.

   When it hit the big 6-0 this weekend, I decided I had had enough and, as I explained in my column today, I'm about to get better acquainted with the bus.

   I might be one of the lucky ones; I live near a bus stop and commute to downtown. What about the people who have no choice because their house is in Newstead and their job is in Elma? What of the folks who absolutely have to get home as soon as possible or have no choice but to drive because they have to get the kids to school or day care?

   And what about you? Will I be seeing you on the bus or the train one of these mornings?

   --- Bruce Andriatch


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