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No sitting allowed in Lancaster

   Will the recent removal of benches from downtown Lancaster stem the problem of teenage loitering?

   Police will be stepping up their walking and bike patrols this summer in Lancaster and asking parents to be more vigilant about where their kids hang out with friends — as well as about what they're doing to pass the time.

   Drug use is definitely a factor, as evidenced by used hypodermic needles found by police and residents.

Do Lancaster teens have an adequate, safe places to "hang out" with their friends? Why, as the police have reported, do they taunt and intimidate seniors strolling Central Avenue? Why do parents allow them to stay out unsupervised past 11 p.m. on weeknights roaming the village?

  And this can't be a problem only in Lancaster. What's the solution?

-- Irene Liguori

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